Intercultural Trainings

Who profits from intercultural trainings?

  • People working in international surroundings (working in or leading an international team, working with colleagues, customers or negotiation partners from different countries)
  • People moving abroad in the course of an international assignment or as local hires
  • Accompanying spouses (please also check my “Coming to and Living in Germany” program)

Trainings are available for groups or individuals. The training language is German or English. Just contact me and we can discuss options and prices.

Culture-general and culture-specific trainings

I provide culture-general and culture-specific trainings. Culture-specific trainings of course include a part about general culture awareness.

A culture-general training is the better solution if you deal with people from many different countries or constantly changing countries. It provides you with a valuable awareness of the impact of culture and ways to prevent cultural differences and differing interpretations causing problems.

A culture-specific training is the better solution if you are moving to another country or are mainly dealing with people from one or two other cultures. In addition to the general cultural awareness you also learn valuable information about these cultures – not just the do’s and don’ts, but cultural background and motivation. I specialise in culture-specific trainings covering European countries and the United States, but also cover several other countries.

Training topics

Training topics are listed below. If you are interested in a training for you or your employees, I will discuss the best possible mix of topics for your situation and time frame in a personal needs analysis.  This will ensure that you or your employees get an individualized training with maximum benefits.

Culture-general topics

  • What is culture and how does it influence us?
  • Cultural dimensions
  • Cultural misinterpretations
  • Communication and leadership styles
  • Culture Shock
  • Successful interaction with other cultures

Culture-specific topics in preparation for an international move

  • Culture comparison
  • Historical and political background
  • Potential areas of conflict
  • Business life
  • Private and daily life
  • Behavioral norms
  • Situation of the accompanying spouse

Culture-specific topics in preparation for an international work environment

  • Challenges and Advantages
  • Virtual Teams
  • Mentality and attitudes
  • Communication
  • Leadership style
  • Team work
  • Building trust
  • Presentations, meetings and feedback
  • Potential areas of conflict