About Me

As the daughter of a British mothHeikeer and German father who grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium, I have always been used to a constant change of languages and cultures. During bigger celebrations with family and friends it was quite normal to hear four different languages at the same time.

After attending Law School in Jena and Bochum, I further delved into the intercultural world by taking part in an international LL.M. Program at Temple University in Philadelphia/USA. My 30 fellow students came from twenty different countries. While we mastered daily life in a new country, we all noticed: different cultures have different views on many things and this can lead to misunderstandings. We discovered these different cultures in the most cordial atmosphere (even after 15 years many of us are still in touch).

After my LL.M. degree I spent a further year in the USA, working and preparing for the New York Bar Exam. After passing this exam I returned to Germany.

For almost eight years I worked in large international consulting and auditing firms in international assignments, working with colleagues and assignees all over the world. Gradually I specialised in taking care of inbounds – assignees coming to Germany from other countries. I also got involved with international clubs and for several years edited the monthly magazine of the British Club of the Taunus. I was familiar with the questions, problems and expectations of inbounds and eventually wrote the book “Coming to and Living in Germany”, which firms hand out to their inbounds and which inbounds also buy directly.

While working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Frankfurt I developed and held intercultural in-house trainings for inbounds. My model was adopted by the offices in Belgium, Spain and Italy, after I adapted the country-specific part with my colleagues there.

After I got my MBA degree in 2007, I fulfilled my dream of being self-employed. I work as a freelance trainer for several large international training firms, as well as an independent trainer for firms and in- and outbounds and also hold presentations as a country specialist for Germany, the UK and the USA.