Coming to and Living in Germany

If you have just moved to Germany without having had the benefit of an intercultural training beforehand, my “Coming to and Living in Germany” program might be right for you. It concentrates on the practical issues of living in Germany without of course neglecting the cultural background and information.

When a couple moves abroad, the spouse who comes to the new country with a job and is immediately enveloped in work surroundings might experience life in the new country differently than the accompanying spouse who had to build up a social network and deal with daily life in a different culture and with a different language. Worries and questions about this new life of course differ accordingly.

Due to its focus on daily life this program is of special use to accompanying spouses, who can get detailed information on vital issues such as

–          finding an English-speaking doctor and dealing with the medical system

–          knowing what to do in an emergency

–          obtaining a Germany driver’s license

–          getting in contact with other expats, but also with locals

–          understanding different expectations of customer service

–          finding a job or doing charity work

–          dealing with culture shock

Just like with any of my trainings, an individual needs analysis will determine the most useful topics. I recommend a whole day for the program, but if there are time or other constraints, there is also the option to do a “Coming to and Living in Germany Light” program to cover the most pressing issues. Just contact me and we can discuss options and prices.