When you are your own pressure cooker

One of the many perks of my job is that I meet a lot of remarkable people. I work with company expats mainly and usually a company sends only those abroad who have a good track record or promising potential. What I find even more interesting is the mindset of these expats and their families – most of them come into the training with an honest curiosity about other cultures, an openness to shift their perspective, and a growing number of them already have international experience. It is, quite simply, fun to talk to them, to listen to their opinions, experiences and expectations. While I’m there as the trainer, I do learn a lot from my training participants as well, which is not only interesting for myself but helps me to become a better trainer continuously.

I could go on praising my training participants, but that is not the focus of this article, though they do deserve praise and thanks for enriching my job and life. Still, it’s now time to get to the point here, after all I’m German and that’s what we do. Continue reading “When you are your own pressure cooker”