German Humour – Yes it exists!

This is an article I wrote for the British Club of the Taunus Magazine, which is why I assumed a certain familiarity with the British comedy series “Keeping Up Appearances”. If you don’t know the series yet, I highly recommend watching it. And while I’m at it, I also recommend “Men Behaving Badly”, “Absolutely Fabulous”, “The Royle Family” and “Cold Feet”. 🙂

Many people look at me sceptically when I assure them that Germans do have a sense of humour. German humour seems to be a bit like Nessie or Bigfoot – one has heard that it exists, some people claim to have seen it, but its existence remains unproven and many consider it a myth. I well remember a hilarious South Park episode in which the Germans were voted to be the least funny people on earth and promptly showed up to prove how funny they were by presenting a technical gadget that made jokes. Continue reading “German Humour – Yes it exists!”